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Home Theater Installations

With over 20+ years of installation experience, Home Theater Gear’s expert audio video installers can help you to create the home theater of your dreams. We specialize in all home audio/video installations in and around the Greater Houston area. From basic TV or Projector installs to more complex built-in, hidden or motorized installations, our A/V experts have the experience to customize any project to suit your needs.

We install, support and tune:

  • Universal Remote Setup & Integration
  • Audio Receivers
  • DVD, Blu-Ray players & streaming devices
  • PC Based Media Centers
  • Surround Sound (5.1, 7.1 and 9.1)
  • Surround Sound Bars
  • TV (wall, ceiling, articulating, motorized)
  • Projector Mounting
  • Projector Screens (fixed, motorized, outdoor)
  • A/V Tuning & Calibration
  • Home Automation

The Professional Advantage

Whether you’re looking to build a top of the line theater filled with state of the art components and theater style seating or just want to get the most bang for your buck, we can design your A/V project to your needs.
The average home theater install includes; A ceiling mounted projector and wall mounted screen (or wall mounted flat panel TV), speakers mounted on walls, Subwoofer, a surround sound receiver, all the necessary wiring and a universal remote control, programmed to operate your whole theater.

When you have the Home Theater Gear Installation team complete your install, you know will be getting the best service possible. All wires will be properly ran and hid from sight when possible, appropriate adapters and connectors are always used and digital components properly calibrated. If we see that your theater experience could be improve by implementing a riser platform for your seats or any other platform or component we will recommend them to you.

Our installation team will run all component calibration programs, execute all sound tuning processes and program your universal remote properly control all aspects of your new theater system.

Lastly, before we leave you to enjoy your new home theater, we will take the time to answer any questions you may have, teach you all about your new universal remote, demonstrate how to access and operate the different AV inputs and if you have any questions or complications with your new theater in the days following our installation, we will be there to help you figure things out.

TV Installations

Home Theater Gear is excited to now offer TV installation services! If you would like to incorporate a new flat panel television into your home, our professional installation team will be happy to assist you. We can tackle any type of install you can imagine!
Here are a few of the TV installations available to choose from:

  • Standard wall mounts
  • Above fireplace “hearth-mounts”
  • Kitchen/cupboard installs
  • Bathroom installs
  • Ceiling mounts
  • In-ceiling drop downs
  • Pop-up TV mount behind furniture

We offer a variety of different installation options including different styles of mounting brackets that range from slim & nearly invisible, to fully adjustable manually articulating mounts, even motorized mounts with remote control adjustment!

When you call us to install a television you can count on a professional experience. We will take the time to understand your wants and needs, so we can properly plan out an installation that is sure to exceed your expectations! If necessary we will, unpack you new TV and inspect it, then remove the box and packing materials. If you would like us to integrate a new DVD or Blu-Ray player, DVR or even a component(s) you already own, we will be happy to do so!

Following the installation, we will walk you through how to operate your new TV and how to adjust the new mounting equipment (if applicable). We will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding your new installation.

Speaker Installations

Excellent sound is an essential part of a good home cinema! Expertly installed and tuned speakers will take your home theater or media room to an entirely different level!

Home Theater Gear offers speaker installation services for indoor and outdoor areas. Whether you bought your speakers at Home Theater Gear or somewhere else, our professional installation team guarantees world-class installation services.
Every Home Theater Gear install includes:

  • Proper speaker placement for maximum sound quality
  • Calculated placement and secure mounting of all components
  • Video and gaming equipment integration
  • All wires hid from site when possible
  • Equipment demonstration and orientation
  • Cleaning of workspace upon completion

Projector Installation

Today’s home theater projectors are now able to provide true cinema-quality video at cost/size ratio that can’t be beat! Home Theater Gear has an excellent selection of projectors for sale and is now offering projector installation services for residential and commercial use.

Prior to installation we will take the time to fully understand your vision and expectations. We will gladly unpack and inspect the new projector, testing it for complete functionality mounting it. We will calculate the accurate distance and positioning for your projector and the screen, ensuring optimal performance of your projector.

Once the projector has been installed and integrated with your av equipment we will go through and double check the performance and functionality of all components. Before we leave we will give you a thorough lesson on how to operate your new projector and theater.

Contact Us Today

Home Theater Gear is Houston’s audio/video installation experts — we live and eat and breath home theaters! There is no dream too big or too small for us to make a reality! So go ahead! Call us today at 281-550-9600 and our technicians will be at your doorstep!

We currently offer our services in the great Houston area including: League City, Baytown, Cypress, Sugarland, Kingwood, Tomball and Katy.